Bar One® Puff R 50

Our unique puff pastry ‘doughnut’ filled with Bar One® chocolate and
baked in the pizza oven, served with ice-cream

Chocolate Fondant R 65

Gooey chocolate-oozing cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

Creme Brulee R 55

Satin-velvet, vanilla speckled cream

Dom Pedros

Non-alcoholic R 35

With a shot of liqueur R 50

Home-made Gelato R 55

Lemon and lime juice infused with lemongrass

Ice cream and Bar One® sauce R 50

Simple deliciousness

Milkshakes R 40

Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla

Morituri Milkshake R 60

Chocolate milkshake with a shot of espresso and Kahlua

Vegan Gelato R 50

Scoop of almond brittle, chocolate and vanilla