Option of penne, spaghetti or tagliatelle available with your choice of sauce.
Add extra for filled pasta (Ravioli)
Beef OR Sundried tomato, rocket & feta ravioli R 20
Butternut ravioli R 15

Lasagne R 90

Our own classic recipe, baked in the pizza oven

Pasta Sauces

Alfredo R 100

Cream and white wine sauce with ham and black mushrooms

Arezzo R 110

Creamy Thai pesto, mushrooms, garlic, sundried tomato sauce with Chicken or Bacon

Arrabiata (V) R 90

Napoletana sauce with red chilli and garlic added to taste

Bolognaise R 95

Ground beef, tomato and herb sauce

Carbonara R 100

Cream, egg and bacon sauce with a hint of garlic

Crema di Basilico Funghi (V)  R 80

Creamy basil, mushroom, chilli & garlic

Crema Vino Bianco (V)  R 80

Creamy white wine sauce with thyme

Formaggi Blu Porri (V)  R 80

Leek & Blue Cheese

Frutti di Mare R 145

Prawns, mussels, calamari and linefish tossed in Arrabiata sauce

Funghi e Formaggio Blu R 135

Creamy mushroom, blue cheese, onion, garlic, chilli with Tagliata (Sirloin steak)

Funghi Nero (V) R 95

Black mushrooms, Napoletana sauce and cream

Gamberi R 125

Prawns tossed with thai pesto, cherry tomatoes and olive oil in Arrabiata sauce

Grappa Chourico R 135

Chourico flame-grilled in Grappa in Arrabiata sauce with feta

Napoletana (V) R 80

Tomato, fresh basil and onion sauce

Pesto Pollo Affumicati R 100

Creamy pesto sauce with smoked chicken and cherry tomatoes

Puttanesca R 100

Napoletana sauce with anchovies, capers and olives